Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guided Jesus Yoga Meditation to achieve Christ Consciousness with Christian Yogini Dunja

Practise this christian meditation 2 times every day as your start into the Jesus Yoga.

Domine Iesu Christe
miserere mei

Lord Jesus Christ
have mercy on me

This is the basic practise of the Jesus Yoga Meditation.

In the video you can see the relic of the true cross in the golden monstrance on the right side.

The presence of the relic is connecting you with the global network of christconsciousness and is enabeling you to recive the blessings.

On the left side you see a relic of Saint Paul ( a bone / ex ossibus). The presence of the relic is enabeling healing processes.

Yogini Dunja is a Jesus Yoga Teacher.
The presence of Yogini Dunja will transform yourself and enables you to progress on your path to reach Christ Consciousness.

By doing this guided meditation you also become a part of the worldwide movement to raise the global consciousness which will cause peace and shift mankind into the next level of awareness and unity.

Meditate daily and help to manifest the new golden era.

Please watch the introduction video to learn the breathing technique and to recive the full explanation and instructions at

Welcome to

Yoga means the way. 
And Jesus is the WAY the truth and the life.
And this way = Jesus brings us to God.

With Jesus Yoga you learn to walk this Way.

Jesus Yoga has 12 steps that will lead you to 



and into the Christ Consciousness.
And the new Pentecost !

For this purpose you will be introduced into the ancient and hidden techniques of christian meditation that have never ever been completly publicly available before in history.

The CATHOLIC BISHOP RALPH NAPIERSKI from the Order Corpus Dei is making all this precious spiritual techniques available for mankind.

We invite you to go the 12 steps of the Jesus Yoga with us and also to become a teacher of Jesus Yoga to help others to achieve SALVATION and ENLIGHTENMENT
Help others to find the purpose of their life and to reach christ consciousness.

Be an initiator of Unity and help to cause the new pentecost.

God provided great gifts.

Now they are available.

Come and join the movement and walk with us the 12 steps of the Jesus Yoga.

Friday, November 23, 2012

12 Steps to God - How to achieve salvation, enlightenment and the purpose of your life

The catholic Bishop Ralph Napierski (Corpus Dei) reveals the 12 step program to achieve salvation, enlightenment and the purpose of your life.